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A FREE simple to use CD-ROM tracker.
Track the people who use your CD-ROM interactive programs.

You must first Register your CD-ROM project to get your unique ID and files. Then place the 2 files in your CD-ROM project.

After logging on and registering a project, just download the tracking software ( pwwt.exe ) and get the Unique ID that was created when registering by right clicking on the UID and saving the text file in the same location as the tracking software.

Place these 2 files in the same folder as your CD-ROM project projector(They must be together). Then call the tracker in your Software when it starts up.

I.E. Macromedia Director use the lingo either in the movie script:
On StartMovie
open "pwwt.exe"

Or on the script track use:
on exitFrame me
open "pwwt.exe"

This will open the Plain White Wrapper Tracker and if connected to the internet will record the tracking info for your project. This software if self contained and can be used in all sorts of applications to track thier use.

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